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Implementation examples from Austria

Lisa Höllbacher is CEO of the Austrian company  nexyo. At nexyo, the topic of data exchange in ecosystems is at the centre of software development; the start-up’s product is intended to enable data-driven collaboration between several companies and cross-company data marketplaces. The Gaia-X compatibility of its own offering is an important goal for nexyo. Product development at nexyo is oriented towards real use cases, for example in the field of energy supply or tourism. Ms Höllbacher will describe the existing use cases in more detail at the Inside Gaia-X event, reporting on her company’s practical experience in building data ecosystems.

In her input, Ms Höllbacher will go into the following points in more detail:

  • Presentation of nexyo, Gaia-X connection and use cases already being implemented.
  • Overview of the technology used
  • Demonstration of a use case in detail

The event will be held in German.

We will conduct the event virtually via Zoom. Dial-in details:

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