The kick-off event for the “Insight Gaia-X” series, organised by Plattform Industrie 4.0, took place back in May. Roland Fadrany, COO of the Gaia-X Association, was the guest. Among other things, Mr Fadrany talked about large projects in the GAIA-X environment: Within the framework of Catena-X, a data space is being created for the European automotive industry. This data space is to be a model for the European industry and enable different use cases. This includes, for example, traceability within a value chain, which should simplify the recycling of individual components. Structura-X and the planned IPCEI-CIS start with the European cloud infrastructure.

After this successful start, the series will continue after a summer break! In the follow-up events, specific topics related to Gaia-X will be discussed in depth with experts from Austria and the EU, and questions from the community will be addressed.

You can already be part of the second Inside Gaia-X event on 6 September:

Sebastian Kleff, CEO and co-founder of the German company Sovity will provide an insight into his work and his company, after which he will be available for discussion. Sovity implements the IDS Connector at companies and will share his experiences from the practical application of various Gaia-X building blocks with the members of the Industrie 4.0 platform.

Among others, Sebastian Kleff will address the following topics in his input:

  • The Connector in the context of Gaia-X and IDS.
  • Demonstrator IDS Connector
  • Interoperability between data spaces

More information and the registration modalities can be found on the Plattform Industrie 4.0 website.

Other planned Insight Gaia-X events:

  • 09.2022: Inside Gaia-X #2, Topic: GXFS & EDC
  • 10.2022: Inside Gaia-X #3, Topic: Identity
  • 11.2022: Inside Gaia-X #4, Topic: Tooling using the example of Lighthouse Projects

The language of these events will be German.

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