Gaia-X Workshop VII

We cordially invite you to the seventh workshop, ‘Future Perspectives and Establishment of Gaia-X Data Spaces.’

Two exciting and highly relevant presentations await us, featuring Prof. Dr. Boris Otto and Klaus Ottradovetz, with ample time for substantive discussions. In the first half, data space expert Prof. Dr. Otto will speak about ‘Development Perspectives of Data Spaces.’ He will contextualize the European data space economy and the Data Space Support Center, followed by a Q&A session.

Following that, Klaus Ottradovetz, the Deputy Head of the Technical Committee of Gaia-X AISBL, will provide insights into the latest developments and ‘Building Blocks for Establishing a Gaia-X Data Space,’ also followed by a Q&A session.

Do you have any questions for the presenters? We look forward to receiving them in advance. For any inquiries, please contact us at

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