Inside Gaia-X #17

The Gaia-X Journey & Strategy 2024

The European Data Strategy published in 2020 sets the strategic framework for the Gaia-X initiative. In 2021, the Gaia-X AISBL was founded with 22 members and has since grown to an impressive 377. After almost 3 years, Ulrich Ahle, previously CEO of the FIWARE Foundation, has taken over the role of CEO of Gaia-X AISBL.

Data plays a crucial role in an increasingly digitalized world. This fact is also reflected in the current “Digital Austria Act”, which was presented on June 1, 2023. Florian Tursky, State Secretary for Digitalization, has now also commissioned the development of an Austrian data strategy.

After short keynote speeches, we discuss with Ulrich Ahle and Florian Tursky their respective experiences, their assessment of the current situation and the challenges they see in the near future.

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