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Gaia-X Technical Implementation Architecture

The current technical architecture detailing how the iECO project intends to implement an ecosystem conforming to Gaia-X rules and procedures is described in the following document.

GXFS Whitepaper: Gaia-X Ecosystem Kickstarter

This Whitepaper explains the Gaia-X Federation Services’ concept from a broader Gaia-X project perspective.

Market-X Magazine

Download the online version of our Market-X magazine for the Market-X event on March 14-15, 2023 here.

Whitepaper: Building a Dataspace

Download our latest whitepaper “Building a dataspace: technical overview” here.

The Gaia-X Magazine #1

The Gaia-X magazine is a biannual journal publishing the finest research in the data space ecosystem following our collaboration with our members, management board, board of directors and external researchers.