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|September 4, 2023

Paradigm Shift in Data Handling – Gaia-X Hub Austria at the e-Government Conference 2023

The e-Government Conference 2023, held under the theme “Austria’s Path into the Digital Decade of Europe,” proved to be a significant forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the era of digital transformation.

Brigitte Lutz & Georg Hahn

The presentation emphasized that data should not only be considered as raw material but also as a valuable asset that must be managed with considerations of security, privacy, and sustainability. The concept of sovereign data control, where users retain control over their own data, was introduced as an essential component of a forward-looking approach to data management.

The focal points of the e-Government Conference 2023, derived from the EU’s digital compass, found a clear resonance in the presentation of Gaia-X Hub Austria. These focal points encompassed the digitization of the public sector, the development of cloud infrastructures, quantum technology, cybersecurity, digital skills and workforce, as well as the role of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence in the economy.

The conference’s target audience, composed of decision-makers, department heads, CIOs, CDOs, and professionals from various sectors, benefited from the diverse discussions and networking opportunities that arose during the event. The interaction among representatives from public administration, business, IT industry, education, and other sectors contributed to gaining valuable insights and exploring cooperation possibilities.