|January 9, 2024

The newly launched European projects have strong Austrian participation.

European Data Space Manufacturing

In early November, the kickoff event for the SM4RTENANCE project took place in Bilbao. SM4RTENANCE is one of two European Data Space projects in the field of manufacturing. The project is coordinated by the Spanish company Innovalia, and Austrian participants include AVL, Fill, and the Platform Industrie 4.0.

The project aims to implement pilot projects of Data Spaces in the manufacturing sector. The use cases to be implemented in these Data Spaces include those from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and the textile industry. Additionally, the project will explore the use of software for building Data Spaces, with various technology partners involved, such as Sovity from Germany, Dawex from France, and the FIWARE Foundation.

TEMS Trusted European Media Dataspace

At the end of October, the kickoff for TEMS also took place in Bilbao. The TEMS project is a consortium of 43 organizations and over 100 actors from 14 countries. The project’s goal is to develop a consolidated platform through which the media sector can collectively and efficiently utilize data. Given that data is the new currency and data-driven companies will shape the future, this project aims to make a significant contribution to the economic development and growth of local and regional media ecosystems throughout Europe. The project is coordinated by the Spanish Innovalia, and Austria Press Agency is involved from Austria.

At the beginning of the project, four thematic work packages were defined:

  1. News and Fact Checking
  2. Audience data, personalization & revenue streams
  3. AV- Content, Workflow, and Catalog
  4. XR Production – Towards new media formats

Well-known technology partners are also part of the project, including Orange and Dawex from France, Acatech from Germany, and the European IDSA.

Both projects address practical topics related to the implementation of Data Spaces in various work packages. This includes aspects such as the necessary governance of Data Spaces, technical possibilities for data exchange, interoperability of different solutions, collaboration with Gaia-X, and legal considerations.

We, as Gaia-X Hub-Austria, are particularly pleased that we have succeeded in motivating Austrian companies to participate in European data projects. We look forward to the first implementations in the new year!