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|April 28, 2023

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Gaia-X Hub Austria Whitepaper

We are pleased to present to you the Gaia-X Hub Austria Whitepaper!

The whitepaper titled “Building a Dataspace: Technical Overview” describes the key aspects of the Gaia-X initiative and its impact on data infrastructures in Europe.

The whitepaper provides an overview of Gaia-X’s goals, vision and explains how the initiative will strengthen Europe’s digital sovereignty. The paper also discusses the technical aspects of Gaia-X, describing how the Gaia-X architecture is structured and how it works.

The whitepaper is particularly relevant for companies and organizations interested in using Gaia-X, as it provides a comprehensive overview of the initiative and its goals. It is also an important source of information for decision-makers in politics and business who want to understand the benefits of Gaia-X for Europe.

We hope you will find the whitepaper as informative and useful as we do. It is now available for download on the Gaia-X Hub Austria website.

Best regards,

Your Gaia-X Hub Austria Team