|May 11, 2023

On the way to a new data universe

Die Autoindustrie mit ihren unzähligen Lieferanten gilt als Treiberin eines gemeinsamen Datenraums.

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Helmut Leopold talks to the “Presse” about the European Gaia-X Initiative and the important Role of the national Gaia-X Hub Austria for the business location.

“It is an achievement of the past two to three decades that we are all networked as humans and can send data back and forth. The next big development is the networking of machines,” explains Helmut Leopold, who as chairman of Gaia-X-Hub Austria oversees all activities in this country and also heads the Center for Digital Safety & Security at AIT. But the enormous flood of data first needs clear rules of play. The completely arbitrary control of people over their data, as happens in China, and the power-politically dangerous monopolies in the USA such as Amazon, Google and Co. have a deterrent effect. Gaia-X should largely reduce previous dependencies. A desire is expressed for data exchange to take place while respecting the European values of democracies.

Read the full article in the “Presse” (German only)