Gaia-X Media Data Space Event

During the last decades, the European audiovisual and media industry has been heavily affected by a profound digital transformation. The way content is produced, distributed, consumed and monetised has tremendously changed, resulting in a huge increase in data exchanged. Media today have to distribute content over many diverse channels such as digital platforms, online newspapers, social media, podcast or web-streaming platforms, and traditional linear channels. The development of artificial intelligence, metaverse, NFTs, as well as immersive and augmented reality, offer new perspectives but require the industry to constantly innovate in data-driven technologies.

Gaia-X supports European organisations to prosper fully in a data-driven economy. Because better data availability, supported by the Gaia-X framework, aids in improving the production and distribution of content, developing and establishing new business models, fighting against misinformation and stimulating socio-economical growth and innovation.

On 30 March, we will tackle how the Gaia-X framework will contribute towards harmonised and efficient data exchanges within trusted media data space that improve data discoverability while safeguarding data sovereignty and security. Specifically, aiming to:

  • Define the needs of the European media sector, given its current challenges;
  • Demonstrate our alignment with EU and Member State programmes;
  • Create a process for matching up different efforts driven by use cases.

Draft Agenda

  • 10:00 – 10:10 – Welcome and Introduction – Francesco Bonfiglio, Gaia-X CEO
  • 10:10 – 10:20 – Keynote speech – Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU CTO
  • 10:20 – 11:20 – Panel Discussion: Overview of Media Data Space in Europe; Needs and challenges in the sector
    • Moderator:
      • Lucille Verbaere, EBU
    • Speakers:
      • Mariano Minoli, Hiberus Data & analytics, Spain
      • Verena Krawarik, APA, Austria
      • Martin Fröhlich, WAN-IFRA
      • Juliette Prissard, Eurocinema, Belgium
  • 11:20 – 12:00 – Presentation of Use Cases (4 use cases, 10’ each)
    • Newsrooms & Fact checking: Christine Buhagiar, AFP, France
    • Audience data, personalisation & revenue streams: Christoph Mayer, Schickler, Germany
    • Collaboration in Production chain and Digital Right Management: Melanie Loubersac, SACEM, France
    • 3D models integration and Virtual Production: Kristoffer Hammer, MCB, Norway
  • 12:00 – 12:20 – European Commission’s vision and mission towards Media Data Space
  • 12:20 – 12:30 – Conclusions and Q&A
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