Inside Gaia-X #18 The Eclipse Foundation


The Eclipse Foundation – where Gaia-X frameworks call home

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Inside Gaia-X #18! With the Eclipse Dataspace Components (EDC), the Eclipse Cross Federation Services (XFSC), Eclipse Tractus-X, and the Eclipse Dataspace Working Group, the Eclipse Foundation plays a crucial role in the Gaia-X universe.

What role do open-source foundations play in the development of frameworks? What makes the Eclipse Foundation interesting? What does “software developed by the community” mean? How are decisions made, and how can one participate? These questions will be addressed with Michael Plagge during Inside Gaia-X #18. Michael Plagge has worked for many years in the automotive industry, including some time in China. Since 2021, Michael Plagge has been the Vice President of Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation.

📈 We look forward to your participation and engaging conversations!

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