October 25, 2023

EUDI Wallet – A Paradigm Shift for Digital Identity in Europe?

The revision of the EU eIDAS Regulation brings about several significant changes, including the introduction of a digital wallet for the European digital identity, referred to as the EUid wallet or EUDI Wallet. This change not only obligates the member states to provide such a wallet but also requires public and major private applications to accept it. As a result, the citizens of the European Union are granted the right to an electronic identity and its use in various domains. The final legal basis is currently being developed in the trilogue negotiations, and the technical details are being worked out by an expert group. Within the context of Inside Gaia-X, the current status of the eIDAS revision, along with the new developments, particularly related to the EUDI Wallets, is presented. Additionally, emphasis is placed on the Large Scale Pilots supported by the European Commission to enable member states to gain experience with these innovations. Of particular note is the pilot project named POTENTIAL, in which the EUDI Wallet is being tested by 19 member states across six different use cases. These use cases encompass eGovernment, account opening, SIM registration, digital driver’s licenses, electronic signatures, and e-prescriptions, and they are being tested across borders.