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|August 30, 2023

Current developments in data platforms, ecosystems, and edge computing are the focus.

On August 28, 2023, an exciting and informative event took place at the Technical University of Vienna: Gaia-X Hub Austria invited interested individuals to learn about and exchange ideas on current developments in the field of data platforms, ecosystems, and edge computing.

The event started at 5:00 PM and attracted a diverse group of participants. Industry colleagues, thought leaders, and experts interested in the technical and conceptual aspects of data exchange and data security were invited. The highlight of the evening was the keynote speech delivered by Dr. Christoph Strnadl. Titled “Between (Data) Platforms, Ecosystems, and (Cloud-to) Edge Computing: An Architectural Approach to Clarify the Terminology Confusion,” Dr. Strnadl provided an in-depth insight into the mentioned subject areas.

During his presentation, Dr. Strnadl not only illuminated the technical components of these topics but also gave a comprehensive overview of various initiatives and ecosystems working together to realize the vision of secure and sovereign data exchange. His presentation helped the audience untangle the often confusing terminology in this field and better grasp the key concepts.

After the informative keynote, participants had the opportunity to engage in informal discussions. It’s worth mentioning that the Gaia-X Meetup took place following the informational event and was organized by EDIH AI5production.